If a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure that an illusion hides more than a million!

Welcome to the fascinating world of illusions! Get entertained, confused and completely blown away. Experience the unimaginable and learn all about how our wonderful mind works. Nothing is what is seems at the Museum of Illusions Dubai!

Are you ready for an even bigger, better and a more fascinating adventure?

Dubai, place to experience illusions!

The Museum of Illusions Dubai brings you a space suitable both for social and entertaining tours into the world of illusions which has delighted all generations. Enjoy more than 60 visual and educational exhibits featuring holograms, optical illusions, and immersive rooms that are designed to tease the senses and trick the mind.

See what else we offer, you won’t believe your eyes!
Test your sense of balance while navigating our Vortex Tunnel, release your inner Einstein while solving our Dilemma games, and be confounded by the laws of gravity and size ratio perception through our interactive Ames and Tilted rooms, and all of this while taking tons of photos and making life-long memories.

Deceive your eyes and entertain your mind!
“Enjoy our collection of holograms, look closely at every optical illusion, and observe each installation thoroughly. Our exhibits are a brilliant, playful reminder that our assumptions about the world we perceive are often nothing but a specter of illusions.
Our classical showpieces will certainly make your jaw drop! Awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science, so it will be easier to comprehend why your eyes see things which your brain cannot process.”

Come and explore the world of illusions. Experience the impossible! Be sure your camera is fully charged and has memory space before you visit. By all means, bring your camera with you!