Smart playroom & shop

Games which will blow your mind and make you see the world differently

Exploring the Museum of Illusions will tingle your little grey cells and make you want to stay and have more fun. This is why the Musem has plenty of games, wooden puzzles and brain teasers for the visitors of all ages to play, compete and learn.

All of our visitors get a tour of Dilemma World, where they’re encouraged to play the games and to find the solutions to what seems impossible to solve.
Explore – learn – develop – this is how it goes!
Dilemma Games are also available in our Smart Shop.

Are you ready for an adventure?

All of our illusions are worth remembering, so take some with you! If you’ve loved your experience, want to learn more or didn’t manage to solve a puzzle at the museum and want to give it another try at home, take a look at our souvenirs in our Smart Shop.
Whether you are looking for a perfect birthday gift, something to give the folks back home, or a small souvenir, the Smart Shop is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of games and puzzles that combine learning with fun. We call it ‘edutainment’ !

Visit us, try them out, ask questions, and choose something that is just right for you.